You’re Worth Billions…Make Them Work for YOU!!!

Hello Again!

Have you thought about how much you're worth to all the industries out
there lobbying for your attention and hard earned money? 

I read recently that each of us is worth over 690 BILLION DOLLARS! That's
right! If you don't think you have the power to make a difference in this
world and for yourself, then think again! The advertisers know what we're
worth; it's high time we started realizing it, too!

Did you know that your "voting" dollars are worth about:

170 billion to the cosmetic industry
...14 billion in just anti-aging alone

180 billion to the fashion industry

300 billion to the food industry and

40 billion to the weight loss industry.

That's a grand total of about 690 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

With that much money floating around, it's no wonder that these industries
are spending millions upon millions of dollars designing advertising
campaigns to make you feel unattractive, insecure and inadequate.

Yep, you've got it right!

These campaigns are PURPOSELY designed to make you compare yourself to the
impossible ideals portrayed in the ads and have you long for a life that
isn't yours and maybe you wouldn't even want if you had it.

You see, when you feel like you're missing something, that you need to
be fixed, that you don't measure up to what you see in the ads, you'll
believe that the next new lipstick or that miracle diet is what you need.

This is very different from the desire to take good care of yourself out
of self-love, not fear of inadequacy. The problem lies in believing that
you are not enough, that being at war with yourself is the only way to fix
what's "wrong." What's more is that many of the products and services
these industries offer are toxic to your physical health which can make
you feel even worse about yourself! 

In fact, all the toxic junk that you may have been slathering on yourself
is probably part of the reason you don't feel so good in the first place. 

Did you know that...

Collagen, a popular “firming” ingredient, is really a fibrous protein
derived from animal cartilage and often extracted from the skin of calves. 

Amniotic fluid from pregnant cows is used in facial and body moisturizers
due to its neutral PH of 7.

Thymus extract does NOT come from the herb Thyme, but is a substance
extracted from the thymus glands of animals.

Hyaluronic Acid found in almost every “advanced” moisturizer can be
sourced from Cocks Combs which is cheaper than the similar plant based

Kalaya Oil is really extracted from the fat of specially farmed emus even
though it sounds like it comes from an exotic plant or nut.

Formaldehyde is present or activated by many common preservatives. And
what can be even worse is the dangerous bacteria  that can grow in water-
based products if NO preservatives are used at all. 

Phthalates are often found found in synthetic fragrances and can
dangerously interfere with your endocrine system.

I'm not saying we shouldn't use cosmetic products to help us look and
feel our best. After all, it is a part of our human nature to enjoy the
rituals of self-care - remember Cleopatra and her decadent rose milk
baths? The idea that seems to be coming of age is that perhaps we should
be more aware of what we are buying and more importantly why we are buying

Just as we have a relationship with the food we eat, the gardens we tend
and the healthcare practices we employ, so should we think about the
ingredients in the products we use in the name of "beauty". Where do they
come from? What do they do? Why are they helpful? Are there any negative
"side effects," aka toxic consequences? How were they tested? And really,
what IS a "virtual bio-sphere with breakthrough technologies and exclusive
Hydra-Insulation" anyway? And do I even want it? 

Also, does this product really need to come wrapped in multi-layers of
packaging, even if they are biodegradable? And do I really want a tall,
handsome stranger running up to me on the street with a bunch of flowers
promising me unending love if I use an advertised perfume?

I guess the main question is WHO is mainly benefiting from this product?
Is it you or the company who made it? Of course companies need to make a
fair profit, but your life should be enriched by the products you use.

And, you should probably know...

Once you start asking these questions and choosing consciously and
artfully made products that support your self-care rather than degrading
your self-worth, there's going to be a problem... and that's a GOOD thing!

When you choose to vote with your dollars for small-scale, ethical
cottage-industries that have your health and well being as their
highest priority rather than from the cold aisles of your supermarket or
cosmetic counter where products align with the "bottom line" ...

...there's going to be BIG TROUBLE in advertising and corporate offices

...and that's a REALLY GOOD thing!

They've known it all along, but they've been trying to keep it from you.

You ARE beauty! You ARE enough!

Once that becomes clear, you'll realize you're worth A LOT MORE
than 690 billion dollars and you'll stop letting the cosmetics industry
play you for a fool! When you think that most of the money you spent for
that new beauty cream paid for the advertising and fancy box, NOT what
was in the jar, you'll realize that you are definitely NOT getting your
money's worth! You are worth a lot MORE than that!

I see a world where you can:

have confidence without resorting to the use of toxic cosmetics!

feel sexy without having to dowse yourself in phthalate-laden

feel attractive and fresh and sparkly using cleansers, creams and potions
that feel wonderful, smell naturally fantastic and are made with high
quality, healthy ingredients!

May we celebrate love and beauty that's MUCH more than skin deep and have
FUN and JOY using products that truly nourish us inside and out,


here's a quote that bears repeating,
"You don't need to change yourself to please
the world. You just need to BE
yourself, because that's what changes the world."
  1. Shelly Ackerman said:

    So true! Thanks Karen!

    • I’m glad you agree:) Together and individually, we can make a difference!

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