Bathing & Body Image

the art of healthy bodycare

Bathing with RosesI feel sad when I think about the the wars we wage with ourselves over body image. My body has changed shape quite a few times in my life and my skin has had its challenges. I regret to say that I haven’t always been the kindest to myself.
Many of us have an image of our “ideal” body, skin, hair… the one we would have if we could only… lose 20 pounds or do a detox diet or get rid of some of our acne/wrinkles or change our hair color or keep up with a regular exercise routine or….
It is as if by being critical we are somehow forced to make the “needed” changes. Unfortunately, this never really works and doesn’t address the important issue of loving self care.
In yoga today, my teacher talked about the importance of cleaning our energy field, of letting go of mental…

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